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Our company provides specialist training on the equipment we supply for electrical fire alarm systems, audible emergency systems, induction loops for the hearing impaired or emergency lighting. The training courses are designed for professional designers, budgeters, sales and technical staff, installers and service personnel. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion from us. The maximum number of participants is 10 persons.

Registration for the training


Address of the company headquarters

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Form of training

Introduction to the products, their basic features, without certification
Technical information for optimal system design
System structure, cabling, wiring, basic work with the control panel
Complete system familiarisation, programming, service work


Electrical Fire Alarm System

Emergency Sound System

Induction loops for the hearing impaired

Emergency lighting

List of participants

Please enter in the format "First Name Last Name - Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)". For example “John Smith - 12.6.1975"

Preferred training date

If there are fewer participants, two training sessions can be combined into one. By ticking this box you are only interested in individual training exclusively for your company, for example to solve a specific problem (a specific project, a specific object, specific conditions on the object, etc.)
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