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PROTEC Electric Fire Alarms – UK
UK market leader, manufacturer of fire detection system, fire suppression systems and prison communication and announcement systems. The system is manufactured and certified according to the European standard EN54, in the Czech Republic it is certified by TZÚS (local certification authority). Protec also manufactures unique aspirating detection systems, approved for use in, for example, nuclear power plants in the USA or NASA sites which have been evaluated as one of the best solutions for fire detection in the switchgear of these plants or sites.

Evacuation radio – emergency sound system EN54 ASL – UK
A wide range of modular ASL systems, particularly suitable for medium and large installations. ASL is used in the UK on the London Underground and on the railways. In Norway, it is used for railway sound systems. Due to the high efficiency of the amplifiers (up to 99%), the whole installation is very power-efficient. In the Czech Republic, Škoda Auto factories are equipped with this system.

Evacuation radio and commercial sound system RCF – Italy
RCF is particularly known for its loudspeakers, both musical (concerts, cinemas) and commercial and security (bars, shops). The EN54-24 loudspeakers have a high efficiency, making them an ideal complement to our evacuation public address systems.

Evacuation Radio – AMBIENT System – Poland
Certified emergency sound system (EN54) especially suitable for small and medium installations. The systems are supplied as all-in-one, without the need for rack installation. This greatly simplifies the installation of the entire system.

Protectowire Linear Temperature Detectors – USA
Protectowire invented linear temperature detection as early as 1947. Since then, it has continuously improved the devices and holds several patents. Today, it offers a wide range of detection temperatures, cable insulation types (for different environments) and a unique linear temperature detector that distinguishes a short from an alarm on two wires (CTI system).

C-TEC Electric Fire Alarm and Induction Loops for the Hearing Impaired – UK

The certified fire alarm system (EN54, TSUS) has the advantage over the competition of higher voltages on the detector line, up to 44V. This achieves maximum line length and a large number of units on the line (200), far exceeding the capacity of most competing systems.

C-TEC hearing aid systems provide sound transmission directly to the user’s hearing aid, rather than simply amplifying sounds in the user’s environment. This ensures accurate and clear listening in lecture halls, conference rooms, churches, counters, ticket offices or even just in the living room. C-TEC offers a wide range of solutions for any space you want to cover with an induction loop, from small counter systems to large spaces over a thousand square meters.

Emergency lighting ASM – Hungary
Unique solution for addressable emergency lighting systems, both luminaires with integrated battery and CBS systems on 230V or 24V. The uniqueness lies in the connection of the luminaires with only two wires over which the luminaires are powered and at the same time communication is carried out over them.